Häagen-Dazs has been making ice cream like no other since 1960. They have franchises in the United States and many other countries around the world. Häagen-Dazs is considered the #2 Best ice cream brand in the World.
This premium coffee is the perfect union between tradition and innovation. Since 1933, it is their passion for quality that has been the foundation for illy's success. illy coffee is among the most renowned and well-respected coffee brands in Italy. Every day, up to 5 million cups of illy coffee are consumed.
Want Want
Taiwanese confectionery company headquartered in Shanghai, China. It offers a wide array of products ranging from snack foods such as gummies to baby milk powder and other dairy products.
Master Kong
Established in 1991, Master Kong is a branded company headquartered in Shanghai and Tianjin, and the largest instant noodle producer in China. It specializes in the production and distribution of instant noodles, beverages, cakes and relevant supporting industries. 
La Cimbali
Recognised as a world leader in the production of professional machines for espresso coffee beverages, representing their history and designing their future with our brands. Anticipating customers' needs with innovative, superior-quality products and outstanding service.

Emmi AG is a Swiss dairy products manufacturer. The company generates revenue in Switzerland, the Americas, other European countries, and the rest of the world (below 5%). By product category, dairy products, cheese, and fresh products are the largest segments.

The name Paulaner has stood for the highest quality and Munich beer culture since 1634. The Paulaner brew masters brew the diverse products of a Bavarian brewery, from classics like Weißbier and Hell to specialties like Salvator and Oktoberfest Bier and even new beer creations, in Munich.
VOSS premium water is bottled in GLASS bottles at an artesian source in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway. VOSS is shielded from pollutants for centuries under layers of ice and rock. This pristine aquifer produces a naturally pure water, free of sodium, low in minerals and incomparable in taste.



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